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10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Boracay Islander

by Greenpoint Boracay

If you keep coming back to Boracay, perhaps the real question is: Why not invest? Below is a quick ten-point list highlighting the upside of becoming a local.


Reasons to Become a Boracay Islander


1. Boracay has consistently made it to numerous best beaches in the world lists so traffic is expected to continually climb.


2. Would you want to compete with the growing number of visitors for accommodations, the cost of which is slowly rising, too?


3. Buying a property in Boracay gives you a small slice of this growing tourism pie.


4. Buying a property makes you a local. Who doesn’t want to be called a local in paradise?


5. Locals can have a vacation every day.


6. Locals have cheaper ones, too.


7. Locals are privy to secret spots and parties that hark back the “better old days” of Boracay.


8. Locals get to call the magical sunset their own.


9. Becoming a local means you are exempted to pay the fees that all tourists pay for (environmental and terminal fees). This also means you can avoid the long lines at the jetty port since there is an "express lane" for locals.


10. Buying a property now assures its appraisal tomorrow.